Mobile Tools

if all you have is nails, sometimes you need a hammer… You never know what you’re going to need… One of the things that I still find joy in is the simple discovery of understanding of how things work, regardless of what weird road my career has taken me to. These days, it’s rare that my day … Continue reading Mobile Tools

Signing a Letter

O Canada — Who knew you needed a signed document for kids crossing the border… On the first trip that I was planning to leave the MacBook at home and go “iPad Pro” only was a quick weekend jaunt up across the border to Victoria, Canada. Both my wife and I were participating in the Victoria 70.3 Ironman, … Continue reading Signing a Letter

The iPad Pro Experiment

Every few years I experiment with a complete change of my day to day workflow; sometimes it involves radical changes to the software I’m using, others it’s a shake up of the hardware and my everyday carry to accomplish more with my personal and work computing. I’ve even gone “all in” on iOS before — using just … Continue reading The iPad Pro Experiment